From my under graduation time I am always highly interested to start a startup. So finally I tried that 6 months ago and I was a total fall. There were some reasons are advice after my startup falls.

Reason behind the fail

  1. Partnership Conflict
  2. Less skilled people
  3. Idea missing
  4. Low budget
  5. Less planning


  1. If possible then stop looking for a partner. Try as best as you can using own head and run the program alone. In my startup we were 4 people, In first week of starting full force working one partner betrayed and we close the partnership with them. After that others partner was demotivated and stop working after few days.
  2. Actually truly speaking, I wasn’t good at handling people at that time, I think I didn’t know a lot of things that time. With the time I learn more about technology, programming languages and different ways to do things. So experience has a value. Don’t go out with just your idea. Gather some experience too and if possible then hire some awesome skilled person. A skilled person can help you to do many things. A skilled person can help you to raise the whole company.
  3. Idea need to bulletproof. We had some ideas in our mind but there wasn’t a great idea. We didn’t brainstorming about solving others problem, we were centered to solved our problems. Like — we need more money so lets startup a company. So, an idea to help everyone is needed. Solve others problem then one day you’ll find you’re in advantage in lot of ways. It has live example — Writing code for open source can find you a awesome job.
  4. Budget is really a issue when you don’t know how to business. Business doesn’t need a lot of money but we thought our budget is low. You can start a business from zero. Example — Starting a freelancing company in upwork/fiver/any other platform.
  5. Planing is really important. We forgot this is a vital role. Without the perfect planning nobody can achieve anything. In our company we planned a lot but problem is none of our plan was good enough to run the company

In the end solving a problem with an idea within proper experience & plan is really necessary to build a successful startup I think. And also need to know everything changes with time so adoption is really important too. Knowing about business and keep upgrading personal skills is also important for a company. The last thing is trust & bonding. This thing need to run a company for a long time.