2021 is a particular year for my career because I’m reaching a new height this year. I’m writing this review so anyone can understand how much a mid-level developer can do in a year! Let’s hop inside –

Things I learned

Golang & Micro-Sevices & Google Cloud & Netsuite

This year I’ll say I learned about golang for working in microservices for my current company. For my good work for the company, they switched me into the “golang” team, where I’ve helped automate some business stuff + handle NetSuite (which experience was terrible). Google cloud is something else that I learned this year! Working with micro-services, golang and for business actually gave me more wings this year to explore! 

More Next JS

We are using an old version of nextjs. We are not up to date because it’s hard to move from the old one. Lots of things broke; we don’t have time to upgrade because it was a busy year for us (just business is getting better after the corona). I pushed much nextjs code into production this year!


I got a chance to work part-time, where I started using typescript and loving it. It’s making my project super easy to work with, but honestly, I’m not great with typescript yet. I use type most of the place because I try to do functions more with nextjs, instead of using any class. I try to going with functional programming more!

Material UI ~ MUI 5

We just got an update of MUI 5 a few months ago; loving the new look and sx props here for styling. The current module is best; I don’t even need to get some old-style type that saves much time!

Writing content

This year opened a few new doors for me. I got a chance to write for logRocket, Aviyel, which is pretty amazing right? I didn’t ask them to give me work, but they reached out to me from my blogs. So keep blogging! Success is just a few blogs away! I have been writing content for the last two years but didn’t get any offers before this year. So don’t think suddenly it came! 

Working with multiple teams at a time

I worked with so many people this year and learned much stuff. For communication, I mostly use slack & discord. This year’s notion helped me track down everything I’m doing with different teams & companies.

How I stay productive

Using a routine

Using a routine is a must and must when trying to be productive. Usually, I start my working day two hours earlier than my full-time job, and this time I try to spend on part-time/learning. Also, I’ve two days off in a week. I use one day for my part-time content creation, and another day I take complete rest, and within a few weeks, I usually take two days off from my work. Taking breaks from regular life helps a lot to focus more!

Plan the week if possible

Every Monday, I spend some time working on this week’s schedule. I try to schedule on my notion and follow that throughout the week. But honestly, it’s hard to maintain. Most of the time, things don’t work with a plan, but making a plan gives an idea of how the mess will be this week.

Using notion

At first, when I saw people are using the notion, I was so irritated because I didn’t want to learn a new system to take notes. But after learning it a bit and finding out how powerful the notion is. Now I use it everyday; I even do my monthly budget here!

Things I’ve planned to do this year but failed

Failed ~ Freelancing helping hand

I was getting some freelance projects from different clients, and sadly I didn’t have enough time to work on this. So I asked my one friend to help with it. But sadly the things didn’t turn well. He was not replying to my messages well; he didn’t have enough sincerity to work. I had to do a lot of extra hours to fix his mess. Freelance projects are hard to maintain because they usually have a specific deadline and need to handle the client (feedback is the issue here). So this plan didn’t work!

Failed ~ Blog Idea

After watching my personal blog growth, I felt like let’s try a tutorial blog with a few people, and I got some people to work with the same idea. But it looks like without getting paid; nobody is attentive to building something. So I had to ditch this idea after writing a few blogs with everyone! So this one failed too.

Things I’ve accomplished so far

  • Pushed microservices stuff into production
  • Lots of reactjs stuff into prod (with bugs)
  • Getting a fantastic part-time project (hourly basis)
  • Writing paid contents
  • Learned from my mistakes

Plans for the next year

Dev advocate from a full stack developer (if you want to learn more about this, follow my journey anywhere – Instagram, Twitter, or discord server)

How can anyone do the same as me? Advice for juniors!

  • Things take time so take it easy.
  • Make a good routine to work with
  • Share your ideas with the world.
  • Create content and make it free so that people can find you

I hope 2022 will be a fantastic year for all of you!