Up until now, we are not making to remember something. Everything wasn’t stored. But from today we’ll store some value in some variables. It’s like x = 5 in math!

We can do different things with the variables. Like add 5 on the variable or change the string stored there.

In JS we use var to initial a variable. There are some other methods also, but we’ll learn those method later. Because currently we are working with basic.

Now we can do var name = "nerdjfpb" and some other codes. For now don’t think about the undefined.

Now we can get value by just calling the variable name

We can do different stuff with the variable, we can change a variable just to new value and it will work like – change the occupation to web developer

We can add some value with occupation and save it inside of the same variable like-

Also we can do the old things we’ve done with values. example –

Keep practicing the stuff to learn more!

See the codes – https://github.com/nerdjfpb/javaScript-Series

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