JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. In the last 10 years, it also developed a lot. There are so many frameworks right now. There are so many things to know about JavaScript nowadays. Today I’m writing this for newbies, who are just starting. There are some things you need to know for being a better JavaScript developer.

Learn the basics JavaScript first

There are so many resources online. Just choose whatever you like most and work on it. I’ll share some good resources which you can use to learn –

Get known with new JavaScript features

JavaScript changed over time. Now we have many modern techniques with JavaScript. You need to learn all those to be efficient and better coders.

Work with your data structure knowledge in JavaScript

Learning data structures will help you in the long run. So you should learn some different data structures for deep knowledge.

Think your own way to solve problem

After learning data structure spend some time to solve some problems. You can learn algorithms at this time, but wait and play with problems a little bit.

There are many sites to solve problems. they are

There are more, just search and spend time on solving problems.

Optimize your thinking by knowing more algorithms

Now your time is dive into algorithms. Learn some popular algorithms, this will help to understand solve many problems. Learn the differences and which one is optimized and give better performance. Some resources for you

Focus on performance

Now it’s time to write some optimized code. Find the ways you can optimize more your code. Spend time on it, learn some ways from online. There are many free tutorials on it. I’ll like to mention one YouTube series

Learn some frameworks

Up until now, we’re working with vanilla JavaScript. But from now we’re going to focus on the framework. There are so many frameworks you can learn in JavaScript. It depends on your needs.

If you are frontend developer then best choice will be React, Vue and Angular(any of them).

If you are a backend developer then learn about Node JS, then a framework on Node. Express JS is a good choice, you can learn Nest JS also.

If you are a mobile developer then learn React Native or Ionic.

If you are interested to learn about desktop app then you’ve a JavaScript choice call – electron

If you are interested in AI or machine learning then learn Tensorflow JS.

If you are interested in robotics then learn cylonjs or johnny-five

Choose your interest and spend time on it. But if you spend a good time and understand the old steps, then this will be very easy for you. Getting familiar with the framework will take the highest one month! If your core is strong then the framework will be so easy for you.

Keep updated with JavaScript

If you are in this step, then you’re a full edge developer now. Now your time to practice more and spend time on your learning more stuff. There are many ways to keep updated with the community. Give some time on twitter or your social media. Just follow the JS related pages to get the updates. Twitter is a good way to know more details. You can also follow medium blogs and both are amazing for keeping up.

I tried to make this post small, but somehow adding all these things made it bigger than I thought. Sorry about this. Just let me know if you need any advice or anything.

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