When I first start coding, I found it easy and thought that we can get from the google and coding so easy. But within time I understand that my this idea was flop. So I try to make myself better coder and started to learn many things also started working on my other skills too. Now I know properly why I do coding. Are you aware that why you are coding ? First find your “Why”. That is really important. Today I’m going share some tips how you can be a better coder. Have a look –

  1. Don’t memorize, understand the logic and flow.
  2. Read documentations, because they know the best. But sometimes, official documentations are not good, so use some tutorial or blogs to understand.
  3. Stop watching so many tutorial, just work on code.
  4. Try to refactor the code you already wrote.
  5. Stop comparing yourself with others, your solution can be different from other but try to achieve the best performance or quality code.
  6. Stop overthinking to solve a problem. First use some baby step and finally make it better with taking time.
  7. Organize your folder properly so you can work with a team easily.
  8. Try to naming variables or function properly

There are so many other tips also. But I just wanted to keep it simple and short. Long articles are pain sometimes right ? I have the same feelings while I read too. Do you get now what you should do ?

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