Well, you can ask me why I am adding some extra skills for a developer, but for a high skilled developer, you need this two power. Without communicating with other developers it really hard to achieve what a person wants to achieve. Another one is explaining, if you can’t explain your point properly then there can be a huge mess. Explaining is really important when you are working with people.

People want explanations, they want to know how we code, they want to know how we make the animation in CSS, they want to know can we help them to understand a bit of code. Think people as a client, when your client wants an explanation from you and you can’t explain well then you’re chance hired again will be less. Let’s talk more about why developer need these two superpower —

Communicate Power

When You are working on a small team, then you can the parts of the code you want to do and you can do it easily without communicating much with that code or 2/3 coders. But think a team of more than 10 then you need to communicate cause you can’t write the whole thing alone, a complicated issue can be overlap with your code. Your code can destroy another person code/feature he tried to implement. So it’s better to learn about how to communicate with people more. I can say some steps that will help you to communicate more with devs and other peoples


1. Help them to understand what you are capable of
2. Greetings everyday
3. Talk more with them
4. Learn about human psychology a bit(if possible) just watch some YouTube videos, it will be fine
5. Don’t just code like a robot, keep commenting about your code
6. Ask your seniors to get help sometimes when you are stuck. It will help to build the communication skill

There are a lot of other ways to learn about communication and make interaction with people. A developer should know how to do this, or else a developer can fall at some point and he will never find anyone to help him. Another point, without communicating it can happen that you need to rewrite the same code in different ways, at some point it can be very painful. So keep communicating with people to see the bigger picture. This is one superpower a developer need to raise in the top

Explaining Power

This is the interesting power that can help a developer to achieve more things in life. In my university time, one friend of mine was very good at explaining things. One day there was an assignment and he didn’t complete his work so he copied it from the internet. Sir asked him how you completed this, then he explained everything to the teacher and the teacher gave him extra mark. Sir believed that he wrote the code, but it wasn’t. What helps him to achieve success? Cause he knows what code is doing and he can explained it to the teacher. There are lot of different reason everyone should learn how to explain a topic cause its helps.

explaining something to team

Like another story everyday my team manager asked me to explain what I did in code. Sometimes I found it is really hard to explain, cause I am trying to say something and he is understanding something else. After some days I finally understand what was missing, the missing point was I wasn’t good enough to explain it to him. He wanted to understand but lack was mine so that I can’t explain the part I did in the project. Now I am a bit better to explain my part to him. What did I do to success?

My manager is not from a coding back end, at first I was explaining him to much codes which he can’t understand. So he was understanding the half part, but he didn’t tell me that. He acted like he was understanding the whole thing. But guess how I find out that he didn’t understand what I was telling him ? Cause after every conversation he asked me some questions which are not related to the part of code I did. He thought himself and simply asked me to do that, but I only knew that was kind of impossible. So now I don’t explain the code part to him, he don’t need the clean code, he don’t need the optimized code, he just need the result. So I tell him the result what I am doing.

So how can anyone improve their explaining power ?

By thinking the same thing in another perception

Use examples

Simplify and direct to point

Research more about the topic

Telling end result first

Visualize the concept/words want to explain

There are lots of other ways, use method that you love and effective in your case. Every case is different, every person are different, but their are some hacks. Only smart people can find out cause you can make a pattern of person, there are not so many different types of person, you’ll find a lot of similarities in person to person. Just find those parts and prepare a hack to explain you concept to them.

don’t copy someone, be the unique superhero

This two superpower will play a vital role to developer achieve the highest goals. The most needed skill is coding, so keep focusing on coding skills. But also thinks like a smart person, who can find hack to communicate with people also explaining that what personally want them to understand. Keep communicating with people and keep learning about the explaining things. Be the superhero using own potential.

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