Working from home. Does it sound uncool? I don’t think so. I’ve a great setup in my home, I can work fast here, I can try a lot of different things here. So yeah, I love my home environment for work. Currently I am not doing a remote job, I am doing a onsite job which is on magento CMS and I kind of hate it everyday. Let’s tell you 5 reasons why I love remote job than onsite job

office vs home work

1. Device Issue

I work on a lenovo laptop which is much much much slower than my desktop in home. I’ve to keep my all work doing that. Wanna hear a interesting story of today ? I opened “Postman” and my laptop just hung for forever. Finally, I had to restart the goddamn machine. In my office I can’t open more than 5 tabs in google chrome, I use Firefox there and a limited tab because my pc doesn’t have enough power to run all smoothly.

devices for job

I asked my company to change the PC for me, but they can’t cause — they need approval from higher authority and for security issue they will not give me to use my own device there. So basically I’ve to use their bad machine. Currently I am writing this blog from home desktop and I already have 2 different chromes with more than 15 tabs each chrome which is running smoothly, also Photoshop is opened in back-end while I am downloading a tutorial using uTorrent. But same thing never will happens with my current office. So remember every office can’t afford the machine that you can enjoy in home. That’s why I love to work from home.

2. Traffic

My home to office is only 9 km distance. But everyday I need 1–2 hours to go there. In total office suck 3–4 hours of my life everyday. It’s also less my productivity. After reached at office I can’t concentrate at that moment, I need to rest for a bit. Then finally when I am fully recharged sadly most of time it’s time to lunch. It’s not gonna end here, I need 1–2 hours to come back at

traffic jam

home. After coming back I can’t even focus on my skills, I had to take rest, sometimes heavy traffic cause headache. It’s really hard to keep the same thing over and over. If I were in a remote positing then In this 4 hours I can learn any new programming language in 2–3 weeks. Remote works helps to get free time when a onsite work kills time in traffic.

3. Productivity Loss

For me onsite job is less productive than a remote job. But there is a if. If you home is not crowded and you can spend time alone. Onsite job there are so many different destruction, like manager and other developer are discussing their topic, I can’t concentrate when people talk loudly. My office follow open desk system for developers and business teams. In my current team we work in a meeting room we have 7 developers, 1 SQA and 1 Devops (leader).

productivity loss

It too much crowdy and people keeps talking after some times. So it’s hard to concentrate in work. Sometimes when I thought a way to solve a problem then someone keeps saying something and I completely lost and can’t even come back in that position after 10/20 mins. To concentrate I personally think we need a soundless environment. In my home I can think as many as time as I want on a single topic. For me in home I can listen to song as I like loudly and can convert more caffeine to code.

4. Flexibility

Working in office is kind of suck if you are not at dressing. Everyday official dress is kinda boring, I want to wear my Superman T Shirts but I can’t. Don’t you think it’s boring? Well being a professional person we need to dress professionally but I think people should allow the casual dress also.

It’s really hard sometimes to wear shirt everyday. When I work home I can write code in three quarter pants and a superman T shirt. Oops, I like batman more, so Batman T shirt. My batman T shirt is flexible and I can concentrate in my work without having an issue how I am looking. In my sense home is more flexible than office.

But truly speaking, sometimes I need help from team members and managers to understand some topics. In a onsite job we can get help from team members but in a remote job it’s quite hard. But Google is always a great friend for me so I don’t feel to much pressure. Onsite job has some benefits too but for me I like to work from home more. There are some awesome websites where you can apply for remote jobs. I personally like — we work remotely, angel-list, stack overflow, LinkedIn for searching remote jobs. Different people has different view on same topic so stop memorizing everything you read, try then fall, then learn cause learning comes from bad experiences. Happy Coding, Happy Developers Life.

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