I got a huge request from my Instagram friends to make a post like this. I am not a c# developer. I just did my research and listed down some project ideas. In this post main goal is listing down some projects which will help someone go upgrade their skills from a beginner to expert!

But you can’t be an expert just by making these projects with tutorials, you need to understand every part of the code. Then you need to make these projects by yourself. Just watching or coding with tutorials will not make you an expert. Only by doing it, you’ll be an expert. Also, it needs time. Don’t think that you can be an expert within 1 month. It’s a marathon, not a race!

First learn about c#

Starter Project Ideas

Number guessing Game

Note app

Telephone diary

Tic toc toe

Intermediate Project Ideas

Music Player

Drawing app

Digital Clock

Car racing game

Advanced Project Ideas

Twitter Bot

Sales management

Library management

Flappy Bird

Expert Project Ideas

Contact Management

College Management

Candy crush

Tournament Tracker

I know it’s a huge list but thanks for reading this whole thing! Share this with your friends to help them!

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I got a huge request for making this. So I thought lets give a try. I am not a c# developer, if there is a mistake, please forgive me 😶 Also I've suprise for you on story, please check out. I think with these project you can definately upgrade your technical skills to the expert level. But this only can happens when you know each and part of the codes you wrote. If you just code with the tutorials and can't make a new project from your knowledge. Then sorry it will took more time for you. Do more practice. And your life is only going to change when you are going to take some actions. Just learning doesnt going to change your life. Remember this is a long run not a sprint. Best of luck. Follow @nerd_jfpb for getting more posts like this!! Drop any comment if you want to add any more projects. . . . #javascript #softwaredeveloper #webdev #html5 #programmerlife #programmerslife #jquery #coderlife #frontenddeveloper #buildtheweb #webdevelopers #programmingisfun #iosdeveloper #codingbootcamp #peoplewhocode #codelife #fullstackdeveloper #backenddeveloper #codingdays #vue #javascriptdeveloper #reactjs #vuejs #100daysofcode #nerdjfpb #csharp #dotnet #301daysofcode @codingdays @lovecoders @codinganddecoding @codingcommunity @developerspace @entreprogrammers @javascriptmastery @coding.engineer @webprogramist @programmingofficial @richwebdeveloper @developers_team @programer.life @comment_sense @programmer.me @coderlifes @developer_ops

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