A good keyboard can set your mood any day! I was looking for a new keyboard to carry here and there, and I found this beauty! This Logitech keyboard looks super cool when I first look at it. However, it was pretty expensive because I had never brought a keyboard for more than 10$ before. It cost me around 30$.


I’ll suggest going through Logitech official website page for the details about it – https://www.logitech.com/en-my/products/keyboards/k380-multi-device.920-009579.html

Impact on my life

  • Three device connectivity: This is one of the main reasons I wanted to buy it. It’s super easy to connect with multiple devices at the same time. I can use it with my desktop; also with my laptop. Easy to switch. Take really low time to reconnect. 
  • Windows & Mac support: Another fantastic feature of this keyboard. You can use just it with mac or windows, and it has specific keys for both! If you have a desktop & a MacBook, this can be an excellent choice!
  • Compact size: It’s a small, compact size keyboard. I like a big keyboard, but it’s fun to type and has enough space.
  • Easy to travel with: If you are traveling and thinking about getting a keyboard with you, this is one of the best. I’ve taken this one to multiple places, and the experience was great!
  • Buttons are comfortable: It has round keys. If you are coming from square keys, it can be a slight issue at the start. But somehow, it’s super comfortable. My typing speed is impressive with it. I got around 90+ words per min with this one!

What I’m missing in it

  • Numberpad: I’m more into big keyboards, so I miss the number pad here. But as a travel one, this is nothing serious!
  • Battery: It uses an AAA battery, so I can’t see how much charge it has like other devices. This is sad because I don’t know when it will die. So I’ve to keep the battery on storage, but when I travel, maybe there can be some point I’ll not find the battery because I don’t carry the battery with me.

Getting a proper keyboard is needed. Otherwise, this can affect you in multiple ways. So spend a little bit of time choosing the proper one. Proper one can help you do different stuff efficiently, and if you want to try this model, go ahead and feel free to try it. It’s a fantastic keyboard for sure!