In last tutorial we started the magic dom manipulation. Today we are going to learn about the dom selector so that we can select a dom part and change it as we want. Let’s start

I made a new html for us to edit. Have a look, code available in github


Now go to console and type document.get it will bring the autocomplete other options


So there is lot of different selector write ? We can use them to select something and edit that. We’re going to start from the tag select.

Now by just writing document.getElementsByTagName("h1") we can grab the h1. see


We got and HTMLCollection and in 0 we can see see the classname also. So how can get the value ?

Just using document.getElementsByTagName("h1")[0]


To avoid writing this big thing we can just write document.querySelector("h1") which is goint to give the same thing for use


So can you select the elements you have in your html ?

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