Client make a request to the server and server provide the files using socket. So we are going to learn about how to make our own server using node today!

We are going to use http module for this. You can find the offical document here

First we are going to require http and store it to http variable using const http = require('http')

We are going to use http.createServer for creating the server

We can just start our server using const server = http.createServer() but there are some more work to do.

We need to write a function inside the createServer() so that we can get the request and response according about it

Now we can send data to request using res.end('Hey everyone!') and we need to give a port to listen. In my case I’m using 3000.

Now run the code using node app.js

and finally go to localhost:3000 and you can see the result

So do you learn something new from today ?

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